Fond De Janta Tubeless Nukeproof 10m 35 mm

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Fond De Janta Tubeless Nukeproof 10m 35 mm

Fond De Janta Tubeless Nukeproof 10m

This durable and dependable Nukeproof tubeless tape has been tested by its in-house team and athletes to ensure a firm and effective seal. Made to meet the demands of downhill and enduro racing, it does a sterling job in keeping your tubes protected as you take on the most daring descents and trails. One 10-metre roll will be enough tape to cater for 4x 29" wheels. One layer with a 4" overlap is all that is required to tape your wheel for tubeless setup.

Instructions for use:
  • Remove any old tape and sealant residue
  • Ensure rim is clean and dry
  • Start opposite the valve hole and maintain tension as you apply tape
  • Work air bubbles out as you tape the wheel (Push them out via the spoke holes)
  • Apply one layer of tape with a 4' overlap
  • Ensure all air bubbles have been removed and tape is fully stuck right out to the edges of the rim
  • Pierce a small hole and insert your valve
  • Lungime: 10m
  • Latimi: 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 35mm
  • Pentru: Downhill, Enduro,Xc



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