Bidon Nukeproof 750ml Cu Capac Transparent

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Bidon Nukeproof 750ml Cu Capac Transparent

Bidon Nukeproof 750ml Cu Capac

Featuring an easy-to-use push-pull nozzle and a secure design that will fit inside your bottle cage, the Nukeproof 550ml Water Bottle is an ideal choice for staying hydrated during all-day epics on the trails.

This 750ml-sized water bottle is manufactured&from food-grade, BPA-free squeezable polyethylene. Thanks to its&squeezable design, it easily compresses and springs back readily, which makes it easy to&keep secure in your bottle cage and is especially handy when the altitude or heat changes the pressure within your bottle.

Nukeproof 750ml Water Bottle

Produced from biodegradable polyethylene is one of the most innovative alternatives to traditional non-biodegradable plastic bottles, featuring a reduced time to break down of 3 months to 5 years once entering regular composting cycles, this is compared to 100-1000 years of traditional plastic bottles.

Supplied with the bottle is a cover to keep the mouthpiece clean from trail debris. The mount piece is a push-pull nozzle design that is BPA-free and tasteless.



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